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At BrightistWorld we believe in giving you quality, and cutting edge products for 
an amazing price
With this in mind, we are handpicking our favorite products and manufacturers worldwide. 
This means that you are getting THE BEST deals.
Welcome to BrightistWorld.

We are a leading shopping site that sources consumer products around the world and present them to our customers at bargain prices.

Our products range from tech to kitchen gadgets, to baby outfits.  

We guarantee the best value for money. And rest assured our customer service is amazing too. Check out a few of our products below. 

There are many more in the pipeline which you will get access to when we launch.
Example Of Our Products 
Check out these high quality Glow In The Dark Headphones with Zipper
  • NO BATTERY - This earphone will glow without any Battery after it absorbs day light or lamp light
  •  DIFFERENT COLORS AVAILABLE - The earphones are available in different colors
  •  GLOW IN THE DARK - Different colors in daytime, at nighttime they all have the same green luminous effect
  •  FIRST USE - For first use, please put it near a light or in the sun for a while, it will then glow in the dark
  •  SPECIFICATIONS: Frequency: 20-20.000 Hz, Sensitivity: 106dB, Impedance: 16, Cable Length: 1.2m
  •  PLUG - 3.5mmSolid Construction - Crafted from Aircraft Grade Aluminium
    Brilliant Unicorn Salt and Pepper Shaker
    • Legendary highlight for any enchanted banquet
    •  These mythical, porcelain Unicorn Salt & Pepper shakers are poised to prance across your table and bring a dash of magic to your dinner! 
    •  COLOR - They're brilliant white and finished with metallic gold
    •  MATERIAL - Made from food safe ceramics
    •  GREAT GIFT - These sets make a great gift as they all come in a matching decorative gift box
    Healthy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
    • NEW STATE OF THE ART DESIGN - This specific infusion water bottle has been created with a removable fruit infuser, that way you can turn it into a sports water bottle, infusion pitcher, water infuser or tea bottle with infuser!
    •  FIT & FAB - Hydrate and detox. Simply add fresh fruit, herbs and veggies to create your own thirst quenching masterpiece. Zing with mint, lemon & lime, or try kiwi, mango, and strawberries
    •  DURABLE & SUSTAINABLE - Made of finely crafted shatterproof TRITAN plastic - 100% BPA free giving your water the cleanest taste ever
    •  SAVE MONEY AND CALORIES - The bottles are reusable, recyclable, and carbonated water-friendly, giving you a healthy and less expensive alternative to soda, juice, and sports drinks
      Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer
      •  2 FUNCTIONS - The tool has 2 functions. It cuts the melon in neat slices, and it also serves as tongs for picking up the melon
      •  EASY AND SAFE TO USE - Even your child can safely cut a piece all by him/herself
      •  HAVE A PARTY! - Great for those Summer parties in the park!
      •  ECO AND KID FRIENDLY: The slicers have rounded edges for safety, and are made out of premium stainless steel
      •  The perfect way to slice and serve a watermelon. Neater and quicker than any other method!
      •  Just cut the watermelon in half, and slide the tool through the inner fruit. This creates neat slices, leaving the rind behind. The same tool acts as tongs for serving
      Adorable Baby Deer Infant Halloween Costume
      • ONESIE - Sweet Fawn of the forest Onesie. Closed toe onesie with attached hood and mitts
      •  HALOWEEN - Great as a Haloween costume!!!
      •  MATERIAL - Made from Soft Velvety Polyester. The zip is up the front for easy changing
      •  SIZE - Newborn to 18 Months
      •  When you're walking in the woods do you ever think about the little animals hiding behind the wall of leaves? We're usually missing out on the forest's cutest happenings. Sun washed clearings, buzzing with the activity of hopping bunnies that are fresh out of their den. A blur of fox kits wrestling over the last of a bone under a sprawling oak tree. Maybe there's even a line of black and white skunks trotting along a gully somewhere behind the trees, their tails proudly in the air. Honestly, we're glad we've never run into a family of skunks. If you've spent a lot of time in or near the forest then there is one infant animal you probably have seen: the baby deer. Though the fawn spends plenty of time curled up, hiding in the grass, there are few sights as sweet as watching a fawn cautiously accompanying its mother, nibbling at grass, twitching its ears, already alert to the wild world it lives in
        Amazing Ice Mold Spheres
        •  FILL THEM UP - Fill the spheres with juice, lemon or lime segments, mint leaves, basil, berries and more
        •  SPILL PROOF - Won't spill while transferring from sink to freezer
        •  COLD DRINKS FOR LONGER - Larger ice cubes means that your drinks stay cooler for longer!!
        •  PITCHER PERFECT - Amazing in pitchers, cocktails, punch bowls and tumblers
        •  MATERIAL - High quality ABS
        •  SIZE - 3.7cm x 3.7cm - 1.46inch x 1.46inch
        Multi Functional 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool Set
        • 8 TOOLS: Combines 8 different kitchen tools into one
        •  EVERYTHING YOU NEED - The 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool comes with a funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator and measuring cup. No need to purchase your kitchen tools separately any longer!
        •   SPACE SAVER: - All the parts stack together in the shape of a wine bottle
        •  LOOKS GREAT - Even just sitting on the counter
        •  EASY TO USE - Tools are colored and labeled for easy use and recognition. Everyday cooking made easy. All the basic essentials for any kitchen
        •  PERFECT GIFT - Perfect for a housewarming gift or a kitchen starter set
        •  CAMPING - Perfect to take on your camping trips as well!
          CUPMEN Color Changing Cupmen Tell You When Your Soup is Hot
          •  USE IN MICROWAVE - These adorable little Cupmen are a useful and whimsical tool for your microwavable lunch or dinner
          •  CHANGE COLORS WHEN HOT - Just hang one on the edge of your cup of noodles and when the soup is sufficiently hot the Cupmen will change colors
          •  OTHER USE - They look cute hanging on your monitor when not keeping you from burning yourself
          •  TO ALL NOODLE EATERS - Although we highly suspect that anyone who cooks enough noodles to want to buy one of these will already know exactly how long to put them in the microwave for and thus would have no real need for the Cupmen. But you can never be too safe I guess
          Funny Halloween Puppy and/or Cat Suit
          • AWEWOME PIRATE - Any cat or puppy secretly wants to be a pirate!! 
          •  SIZES - Comes in 4 sizes. So also your growing pup can look adorable in this suit
          •  SUITS DOGS AND CATS - This suit fits your pup and your cat, that´s why we provide 4 different sizes. We don´t want your pet feel left out...
          •  MORE OUTFITS TO COME - We´re on the look out for more Haloween costumes for your pet. I due time we´ll have more suits to pick from
            Introducing The NEW! Spray Water Bottle
            •  DRINK AND SPRAY! - Not only can you drink from this bottle, when pressing the button lightly it sprays water! Yes, how amazing is that! This will refresh/moisturize you instantly when feeling hot from your run or other activity
            •  DESIGN - Yes, finally! This great design makes cooling off SO much easier. Do you also just empty the bottle above your head when you feel overheated? And then notice you don’t have any water left to drink?!! 
            • No more... From now on you can cool off with that nice, deserving, cooling spray and still have water left to drink. Bliss! 
            •  EFFICIENCY - You’ll notice you’ll use your water way more efficiently with this bottle, you won’t run out of water as fast as you’re used to
            •  MATERIAL - Made of food-grade Plastic, harmless for your health
            •  COLORS - Blue, pink and green
            •  CAPACITY - 400ml and 600ml 
            Stainless Steel Pineapple Peeler
            • 3 in 1 TOOL - Peels, cores, and slices an entire pineapple in seconds
            •  COMPACT STORAGE - Sharp, medium-sized blade is shaped for compact storage
            •  ALL SIZES - Accommodates most pineapple sizes
            •  MULTIPLE USE - Create one slice at a time, or cut up the whole fruit at once
            •  EASY TO USE - Easily grab handle and twist down for effective spiral slicing
            •  MAKES PERFECTLY SHAPED RINGS - Preserves shell intact to use as a bowl. Ideal for a hostess gift or for tropically themed parties 
            •  STAINLESS STEEL: The blade of the Pineapple Peeler is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel brushed metal for optimal longevity
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